Monday, April 26, 2010

А что это ты свои ножки на публике гладишь? Это я спортом занимаюсь... А вы что подумали?

Перечитала внимательно описание упражнений из Base Phase, workout A.
Все ОК, пока не дошла до Partial Co-Contraction Lunge.

START: Take a big step forward with your left leg and lower yourself into a lunge position by bending your leg until your right knee touches the floor. Place your right hand on the teardrop-shaped muscle on the inside of your knee, called vastus medialis. Place your left hand on your left glute. Raise your right knee one inch off the floor and you'll feel the vastus medialis and the glute contract. This is the starting position.

MOVEMENT: Slowly raise yourself by extending both legs, all the time feeling for the tension in the vastus medialis and glute. The second you lose that tension (it probably won't take long) pause, then slowly return to the starting position (with your right knee an inch off the floor). Again, work only in the range where the muscles are contracting. Do not perform this exercise through any range where the vastus medialis and glute are not firing. repeat for the prescribed number of reps or until total muscle failure, whichever comes first. Then repeat on the other side.
Не, ну здорово, конечно. Придется в угол забиваться. Вот буду я в шортиках себя хватать за попу и с умным видом делать эти partial lunges :)))))

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